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What is a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is A Fresh Start for honest people in difficult financial situations!
Congress created a code that gives you a chance to legally start over. Yes, clean your slate and start over. It’s not a gimmick, it is the law.

Chapter 7 is:

  • The Most Common Form of Bankruptcy Filing
  • Accounts for 65% All Customer Bankruptcy Filings
  • Fastest Way of Starting Over Financially
  • Fastest Way to STOP Collections and Garnishments
  • Once Bankruptcy Petition Filed, Most (If Not All) Debts will Discharged

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Chapter 7 Bankruptcy work with our Livonia office?

  1. Have a Consult with Peter or Jeri Behrmann. 
  2. Hire us: sign the retainer agreement and pay initial retainer (Only $300.00 to start!)
  3. Pull together and return financial information and required documents.
  4. Meet with Peter or Jeri again (your 2nd meeting.)   We will review your information packet and supporting documents, arrange your credit counseling class, give you a short list of additional information needed for your petition; and set a filing date for your case.
  5. Complete pre-petition credit counseling (You can do this online or by phone.)
  6. Review, sign and file your petition (your 3rd meeting.)
  7. Complete pre-discharge debtor education course within 45 days of filing your petition (Again you can do this online!)
  8. Attend your 341 Meeting of Creditors (Peter or Jeri will go with you to this hearing!)
  9. Receive your discharge of your debts!

Who can file for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

  • People Who Want a Fresh Start!
  • Corporations and Partnerships that want to Liquidate
  • Any Person who has not filed a Chapter 7 bankruptcy Within the Last 8 Years or a Chapter 13 bankruptcy in the Last 6 Years
  • Any Person who does not make over the State Median Income for their household size

How do I file for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

  • Contact Bankruptcy Lawyers Peter and Jeri to Help you Navigate Through Legal Process
  • Give us All Details of Your Debts in the FREE Confidential Consultation meeting
  • Give us All Details of Your Assets
  • Allow Peter and Jeri to Take Your Case though the process.